David Diamond has worked in global marketing and technology for more than 20 years. He started AirDiamond Creative Consulting to bring the processes and technologies used by larger organizations to the organizations that make our local communities unique.


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Local businesses are key to the viability of communities. Competing with today's massive retailers takes strategy and commitment, not luck.



• Brand definition and asset creation
• Marketing strategy and execution
• Advertising plans for online and
• Website creation and management
• Customer relationship management
• Social media strategy and
• Video and animation for social
• Custom web app creation


Strategic and honest community interaction helps government agencies and officials build trust and goodwill currency for the tough times.



• Strategic communications    planning for now and later
• Messaging and communications    that communities can respect
• Consideration of the Brown Act    and other regulations that affect    project execution
• Campaign creation that includes    asset creation and management
• Calendar-based project planning    for seasonal opportunities
• Emergency response consulting
• Technology design for easy    access to content


Political campaigns and ballot measures must gain trust in very short periods of time. Relevant messaging, smart branding and clever technology win the race.



• Candidate coaching
• Campaign branding and asset    creation
• Impactful candidate statements
• Help with FPPC filing requirements
• Social media strategy,    management and advertising
• Video testimonials
• Website creation with automated    endorsement lists and donation    processing


Save time, effort and money by thinking clearly about how you want to get where you need to go.

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Your brand is your promise. It needs to be built (and treated) carefully and consistently.

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Community connections are built from trust and engagement. Compelling messaging starts those important conversations.

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Projects and advertising can meet goals only when they are focused, organized and measured over time.

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Business processes work better when they are supported by technology that is easy to use, reduces costs, and improves outcomes.

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AirDiamond work examples for the Town of Truckee

Town of Truckee

Under a general communications contract with the Town of Truckee, Diamond creates community outreach campaigns, messaging, video and animation, and he provides outreach advisory services to the Town Manager.


David is so easy to work with. He listens, he's responsive and reliable, and his work is always top-notch and super creative. He has helped us craft and deploy some important campaigns for the Truckee community.

Jen Callaway, Town Manager, Town of Truckee

AirDiamond client Jen Callaway
AirDiamond work examples for the Measure T campaign

Fire Prevention, Measure T

Diamond co-chaired the Truckee Fire Protection District Measure T campaign. He developed campaign messaging and strategy, collateral, videos, radio spots and the technology backend upon which the campaign was won. Measure T passed with 82% of the vote.


David's efforts were instrumental in getting Measure T passed. It was a pleasure to work with him on this ballot measure.

Bill Seline, Chief, Truckee Fire Protection District (fmr.)

AirDiamond client Bill Seline
AirDiamond work examples for Gallery 5830

Gallery 5830'

Diamond helped gallery owners define their brand essence and social media strategy, and devise new ways to reach target customers, using a custom technology system built by Diamond. Gallery 5830' won "Best Gallery of 2023" while under contract with David.


David built a technology system we use to build deeper relationships with our customers. He's there when we need him, and he's always been easy to work with.

Curtis Blassingame, Gallery Owner

AirDiamond work examples for the Measure U campaign

Trails for Truckee, Measure U

Diamond created branding, messaging, collateral and the technology backend for the Measure U ballot initiative, which aimed to renew funding for regional bike and hiking trails. Measure U passed with more than 79% of the vote.


I have worked on many campaigns—local and statewide. David's approach to campaigns is creative and effective, and the campaign management technology he developed makes it much easier and more affordable to win.

Paco Lindsay, Truckee Activist

AirDiamond work examples for the CoffeeTalk program

Coffee Talk

Diamond created the Coffee Talk program to connect the community with their public officials for informal conversations in local coffee shops and restaurants. Hundreds of Tahoe and Truckee residents have shown up to get their questions and concerns addressed.


Coffee Talk enables officials to sit in person with those we serve, so we can communicate more effectively. Important conversations have taken place during the Coffee Talks I've hosted.

Hardy Bullock, Supervisor, Nevada County

AirDiamond friend Hardy Bullock
AirDiamond work examples for the Producers Loft

The Producers' Loft

No San Francisco video production facility is as respected or long-running as TPL. Diamond has provided marketing and communications support since the studio was opened nearly two decades ago.


David helped me define my brand and service offerings, and connect with new clients. He is always ready with new ideas and creative solutions to marketing problems. I can trust his instincts and that matters to me.

Vic Ferrer, Founder/Owner, The Producers' Loft

AirDiamond client Vic Ferrer
AirDiamond client Berlin


Diamond provides marketing and social media support to the band Berlin, which he co-founded. Among the assets created by Diamond are live-show videos and backing tracks, and social media promotions.


From the earliest days of BERLIN, when David was just a teenager, he has shown a strong sense of business strategy. His talent and efforts helped make our band a success, and they are what make BERLIN still sound and look good today.

John Crawford, Founder, BERLIN

AirDiamond work examples for various candidate campaigns

Candidate Campaigns

Diamond has created branding and technology for several candidate campaigns in the Tahoe Truckee region, including the 2022 campaigns for Truckee councilmembers Anna Klovstad and Jan Zabriskie, airport board director, Mary Hetherington, and airport board candidate Chris Henderson.


David created the strong branding for my campaign that I continue to use. He also developed technology that made it easy for my team to manage my campaign, and it helped me file accurate state financial reports on time.

Anna Klovstad, Councilmember, Town of Truckee

AirDiamond client Anna Klovstad


Who started AirDiamond Creative Consulting?

David Diamond starting AirDiamond to help local businesses, government agencies and political campaigns connect with their communities, and to better compete with national and global competitors.

For more than 20 years, David held senior creative and technological management positions at Apple, Sony, The University of Southern California, Germany's Canto Software and Switzerland's Picturepark Content Systems. He has published books and numerous articles on the topics of Digital Asset Management and Metadata. He remains regarded as one of the pioneering thought leaders of the Digital Asset Management industry.

David was elected to the Truckee Tahoe Airport District board of directors in 2020, with the highest vote count in the 65+ year history of that agency—a record that holds today. More than 87% of Tahoe-Truckee voters chose David, while his campaign budget was among the lowest in the group of candidates running.

David is a co-founder of the platinum-selling band, Berlin. The band had a string of hits throughout the 1980s, including "Take My Breath Away" from the movie Top Gun. Berlin continues to record and tour throughout the world today.

A pilot and animal lover, David flies volunteer animal rescue missions. "It's the best use I can think of for my plane," he says.

He has lived in Truckee, California since 2014.

Why the community focus?

Local businesses, government agencies and political campaigns must outsmart national organizations that have massive budgets and resources. This requires strategy, creativity and access to practices and technologies typically accessible only these larger players. David brings this to AirDiamond clients. His goal is to level the field so that we don't lose the local voices that make our communities valuable and unique.

Does AirDiamond carry insurance?

Yes. David carries the Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance required by most government agencies. A copy of the policy is available, if required.

How do we get started?

Use the form below to send a note to David. He will work with you to determine your goals and requirements, and how AirDiamond can help. He will then draft a detailed proposal that outlines project deliverables and projected timelines and costs, so you'll know what to expect. After that, the fun begins!

How soon will we see results?

Some results are apparent within days or weeks, while others take time. The goal is to deliver the results we need to reach the goals we define for you, whether that's a stronger business in five years, or an electoral win in five months.

AirDiamond founder David Diamond

Let's do stuff!

I will use your information to get in touch and see how I can help. I will not share your info, nor add you to a mailing list. You have my word on that. — David

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